Advizr WorkPlace

Financial wellness designed to help grow your practice, deepen relationships, and provide your institutional clients with the technology needed to help employees take charge of their financial futures.


As a WorkPlace advisor, you have access to:


• Financial wellness engagement campaigns • Collateral to help “sell” the program to your clients • Custom portal for each of your employers* • Self-directed financial planning technology • Financial Foundations Learning Series Seminars

*For employers meeting 250+ participant threshold

Step #1:
Getting Started & Identifying Employers

The Advizr team will assist you in customizing marketing materials to help you “sell” the program to your plan sponsors. To begin the process, first we’ll create a custom brochure for your firm. Then, it’s time to promote your new offering:
To customize your brochure, send the following to Maria Behrens:
• Sponsor logo
• Preferred FINRA language
• Contact Headshot
• Contact information and title
• Link to your meeting scheduler (i.e., Calendly)
• Vector logo of advisory firm

Blast brochure to your plan sponsors and host an informative webinar. (Advizr team co-presents with you)


Email Jacqueline Farmer to confirm a webinar date/ time.
Prospective clients can learn more and schedule follow up meetings with you.

Advizr Helps You Sell


Everyone needs financial wellness, but we’ll help you in ‘perfecting your pitch’.
Before those meetings, perfect your “pitch” and customize your slides.

Step #2:
Rolling Out to Employers & Participants.


Once Plan Sponsor signs contract, it’s time to roll out Advizr WorkPlace Financial Wellness.
Download and execute the contract for formal partnership between your firm and the plan sponsor.
Return contract to Jacqueline Farmer
Schedule kickoff meeting with employer, Advizr Team and your firm to discuss engagement strategy.

Before meeting: Disperse the agenda and prepare responses to the On-boarding Questions

During meeting: Go through the On-boarding Survey

Marketing Campaigns to Drive Engagement.

There are a numerous marketing campaigns available to increase your population’s financial wellness and promote the financial planning platform. Use the campaigns as they are, or customize for your plan sponsors.


Spending Plan

Debt Management


Buying a Home


Saving for Vacation


“Financial Foundations”
Learning Series Seminars.


Advizr encourages offering the core “Financial Foundations” Learning Series seminars and “Working Sessions” on an ongoing basis to instill and sustain healthy financial behaviors.

Each seminar first educates participants on a given topic, then shows participants how to use the Advizr platform to build, track, and monitor the goal specific to that topic discussed.

For instance, the Retire Well seminar takes participants through the Retirement workflow to assess their retirement readiness.

Share Seminars Menu with your plan sponsors:

The WorkPlace team is here to guide you throughout the implementation process.
Contact Advizr support for technology-related questions, or Ryan Mang for client inquiries.

Step #3:
Data & Reporting


Your Advizr dashboard will show the leads generated for 1:1 follow ups, along with participant contact information, as seen in the image below:

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