Adding Financial Planning to your practice has never been easier.

Are you looking to add financial planning to your practice? Our partnership with the Leaders Group will help you use financial planning to drive revenue growth to your practice, and deepen your relationship with your client. Advizr works directly with your team at the Leaders Group to help make data, billing and support simple, easy, and stress-free.

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Built for the Leaders Group Advisors.

Our partnership with the Leaders Group was forged to help advisors utilize the simple, intuitive Advizr platform to generate more leads, get plans created quickly, and discover opportunities to grow their practice.

Simple Workflows make Planning Simple and Easy

Engage with Purpose-Built Workflows

Using our Retirement Express Workflow makes lead generation a breeze by helping you quickly understand the needs of your prospects. This quick financial planning tool gives prospects an expedited and immediate way to view their track towards retirement and bring your expertise front and center. 


Create Deeper Client Relationships

Having a holistic financial picture of your client tailors your practice for better, more informed advice. Using Advizr's white-labeled portal and client-friendly account aggregation, you can deliver plans in less time. By better understanding your clients' goals, you'll be able to develop a longer and more impactful relationship with your clients—which leads to more loyal clients.


Download The Toolkit