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How do I create customized reports in Advizr?

Creating customized reports for your clients

Advizr now comes with a section under Financial Plan called "Reports". This area is pre-loaded with templated reports we think may be useful for advisors and their clients, but users can also create their own custom report and save the template for future use in other plans.

To start, navigate to the Financial Plan. Make sure that you've saved all changes to Recommendations before proceeding to click on Reports.


As you can see in the screenshot above, there is a dropdown menu with several default reports. These include:

  • Investment Assets: this was previously called "Projected Assets" or "Assets Report" and was its own option under the Financial Plan section.
  • Cash Flow: this is a vertically formatted version of the Cash Flow report that is its own option under the Financial Plan section. Use this report to show all future years of cash flow details in the PDF report.
  • Accounts: this shows a breakdown year over year of every investment or savings account and its projected value
  • Net Worth: this report shows all future years of net worth projections in a vertical format

If these reports don't meet your needs, you can customize a report by selecting or de-selecting the various column options, then click on "Save Report" to save the template for use with other clients:


Once you've saved the new report template, you'll be able to add it to the PDF of the plan that can be generated. For more information, learn how to generate the PDF and add custom reports.