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Product Release: May 2018

A quick summary of all the new features/updates from Advizr for May 2018

Self-Employed SEP IRA Contribution


This new input field will trigger the SEP Contribution to be considered a cash flow item (as opposed to an employer match which occurs outside of the employee’s cash flow) and will be considered a deductible contribution.

At Retirement Term Option for Life Insurance


In cases such as a Group Term Policy purchased through an employer, the policy will be active as long as the employee is employed so we have added an At Retirement option for the term of a life insurance policy.

Ability to choose the Retirement Workflow for the Client Portal


We have now made it possible for you to give your clients access to the Retirement Workflow in the Client Portal and once your client completes the workflow, you will receive an email notification that the client completed the workflow.

This Workflow should take your clients less than 5 minutes to complete and a great way to start the planning conversation.

Text Body for Section Pages


When creating a PDF report, you have the ability to insert “Sections” into the report that can be a great way to tab or introduce following pages. We have added a text body option to allow you to provide information about the following pages.



Jump to Milestone Dropdown on Balance Sheet


To help you scroll to future years easier, we added the option to allow you “jump to” a future year based on when the clients’ goals begin.

Fund All Goals Earmark Option


Rather than having to select each goal individually, we have added a “Fund All Goals” option to allow you to efficiently earmark an account.

Addition of Financial Advisor name in Welcome Emails to Clients


We have updated our invitation email to include the Financial Advisor name in the subject of the email so your client's will know this is something you are providing to them