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Product Release: March 2018

A quick summary of new product features/updates from Advizr for March 2018

Life Insurance What Ifs

Advizr continues to enhance the Life Insurance Recommendations page with increased functionality, enabling you to have What If conversations while discussing your clients’ coverage needs.


Use this valuable new feature with your clients to discuss how a premature death could:

  • Impact the income and expenses of the survivor
  • Affect how long a survivor’s assets will last
  • Understand how these scenarios could be mitigated by Additional Coverage

We know that leading your clients through the potential impact of their coverage decisions is a critical part of a well prepared plan. Determining the level of coverage that offers adequate protection is the difference between a significant financial shortfall and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is protected.

New Retirement Assets Graph

Illustrating the value of client retirement assets and the impact of your recommendations is now easier and clearer with our enhanced Retirement Assets Chart. The interactive graph presents the value of your clients’ retirement assets at any point in timeline. Show clients quickly and easily the value your plans bring at a glance.


Full Access Mode for Clients

One of our goals is to increase the ways you can interact with and deliver value to your clients. In that spirit, we now offer a new option called Full Access Mode that allows clients to not only view their Financial Plan online, but also make changes to their inputs and What If Plans.
This fully optional mode can be toggled on or off for individual clients via the Configure Client Access option and then simply choosing Full Access Mode.  



A few important things to remember:

  • This option allows a client to view AND change all of their plans and goals. We recommend offering this only after the implications of doing this have been addressed
  • The client is NOT sent a notification email of this upgraded access
  • To change this permission, simply repeat the above steps and revert back to either Wizard Mode or Financial Plan Mode

As Advizr continues to build more options to enable an increasingly collaborative financial planning process, we will continue to revisit this flexibility. As always, we hope you will let us know how this option is working for you!

Life Insurance Recommendation

We have updated the Life Insurance Recommendation to provide you with a flexible way to discuss your clients’ coverage needs. Advizr now provides two options to analyze an insurance need, either based on cash flow or the replacement of income.
The Life Insurance Needs Analysis now runs a full cash flow simulation, including future income sources, to identify any shortfalls a surviving spouse may have in the future.
The output on both options has also been enhanced to easily identify the “Recommend Coverage” amount as well as the age at which the “Assets Run Out” for the surviving spouse without additional insurance.


Determining the appropriate life insurance coverage your clients need to meet their goals is a critical step in their financial plan. These changes are designed to guide these value-driven conversations and help you deepen your client relationships.