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Product Release: January 2018

To more accurately reflect the intended source of income over a client’s distribution phase, we’ve updated and renamed the former “Retirement Expenses” graph. Once you pull up the new “Retirement Income” graph, you’ll be able to click on each year for details specific to that year’s average monthly income streams versus expenses. The goal for this graph is to more clearly show clients their baseline incomes in retirement and what they might need to take in distributions from their accounts, allowing for both more detailed analyses and conversations with your clients.


Life insurance payouts

Our system will now model death benefit payouts from any applicable life insurance policies that are in effect at the time of death of a client or partner. Simply add the relevant insurance policy in the Insurance section of the Profile and then set the client's or partner's life expectancy age on the Retirement What Ifs to be within the coverage period. The impacts of a life insurance payout will then be viewable in their financial plan.