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Reset Plan Warning

Why do I need to reset my plan?

From time to time, you've probably seen a warning at the top of the Recommendations area that asks if you want to reset the client's plan. If you see this warning, it's because you've previously clicked on Recommendations area, then you've gone back to the client's Profile section and made changes there before coming back once again to the Recommendations area. You should always think of the What Ifs sections in the Recommendations area as your proposals to the client for each goal - aka "the plan". We initially use what has been entered in the Profile as the starting point for the What Ifs/proposals, but once you make changes to the What Ifs and save them, the proposals (or "the plan") will now be different than the client's Profile (which drives the "current" scenario).


If at some point you wish to reset all the work you do on the What Ifs section and start over with the initial information that comes from the Profile, you should click on "Reset Plan" when you see that warning. If you want to save the work you've done in the What Ifs section, you should click on "Dismiss" instead, then confirm that your What If variables are set to your desired proposal to the client.