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How do I import clients from Redtail?

Setting up the Advizr-Redtail integration to bring in your clients into Advizr

In the upper right of the Advizr software, hover over the user menu and click on Settings:


Navigate to the Integrations tab and click on Redtail:


Click on Redtail and enter your Redtail username and password:


Click on Connect Redtail and you will see a second popup screen that will allow you to choose which clients to import from one of your Tag Groups:


Click on "Connect Redtail" again and your clients from the selected Tag Group will be imported as clients in Advizr.

The integration will pull over client details such as names and birth years for defined clients, partners, and children who are part of a household, as well as accounts (both assets and liabilities) found in the Redtail accounts section for the client or household.

To create a Redtail tag group, first navigate to your list of Contacts, then hover your mouse over the Lists menu at the top of the screen, then choose Tag Groups:


Click on the "Add" button on the screen that appears in order to add a new tag group:


Create the group with a name that is easily identifiable when accessing the list of Tag Groups in Advizr:


Click on "Create tag group" to see the group appear in the list of Tag Groups.

Then click on the dropdown menu to the left of the group name and select "View Members". When the next window pops up, click on "Add Member" to quickly add several different members to the tag group:


Alternatively, you can add individual members to a tag group by navigating to their contact information, scrolling down to the lower areas, and clicking on the "add" button next to Tag Groups: