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White Labeling: Add your company's logo to the Advizr client portal

  • Log in to your Advizr account
  • Navigate to settings (top-right corner)
  • In the General tab (the default), you will have the option to upload your own logo. Once uploaded, this image will appear on the header next to your company name.
  • You'll see your logo on your custom login page, in presentation mode and on your plan PDF's
  • For the best look, please use an image with the following specifications:
    • Horizontal format preferred
    • Minimum dimensions of 180px (height) x 180px (width)
    • Maximum dimensions of 200px (height) x 500px (width)
    • Format in transparent (alpha-channel) PNG preferred, but GIF is also acceptable
    • 500kb max file size
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.51.21 AM