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How do I change what my client sees in the client portal?

You can configure access in the settings of each individual client

After you have invited your client to Advizr and they have registered, you can toggle between 3 different access modes for your client.

  1. Wizard Mode: Client will see the Wizard and will be able to fill in information. While in Wizard Mode, both the advisor and client can update data.
  2. Financial Plan Mode: Client will see their Financial Plan and Reports.
  3. Full Access Mode: Client will see and be able to edit their Financial Plan and Reports.

Changing Client Access

  1. Click on your client's name from your client list
  2. Hover over the client's name in the upper lefthand corner of the screen
  3. Click on "Configure Access"

TIP: You will only be able to change Client Access AFTER your client has registered. Otherwise, you will see "Invite to Advizr" instead of "Configure Access".