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How can I view the client portal?

You can create a "dummy" client and login as this client to view the client portal. Here's an example with setup instructions:

  • Create the "dummy" client:
    1. Login to Advizr
    2. Click Add Client
    3. Enter a first name and last name (in this example, I'll use Marty Minnow)
    4. Click Add Client
    5. Click on Invite
    6. The email address is the username, so you can use your email address with a "test" prefix (this does not have to be a valid email address)
    7. In Email Address, enter the test email (in this example,
    8. Click Next
    9. Copy the invitation URL link
    10. Click on the X to close the Invite popup
    11. Hover over your username in the upper right and click Log Out
    12. Paste the URL in your browser's toolbar and hit Enter
    13. You will be taken to the welcome page of your "dummy" client. Enter a password and click Register
    14. You are now in the wizard as your "dummy" client
  • Wizard Mode vs. Financial Plan Mode
    1. Wizard Mode - When the client logs in, they will be taken through the same Wizard you see in the advisor portal. This allows you to give your client the option to input their data independently.
    2. Financial Plan Mode - Once the wizard is complete (Step 1 - Profile), you've made your recommendations (Step 2 - Plan), you can present the Financial Plan and Reports to your client. 
    3. To change modes, hover over your client's name in the advisor portal and click "Configure Client Access"