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The Value-add of Financial Literacy (& How Advizr Can Help)

Today’s article will explain the main reasons why you should emphasize financial literacy in your practice, some tips on how to go about doing so and where Advizr can help.

You’ll sometimes hear soccer fans remark that people who don’t like the sport just don’t understand its strategy and intricacies. In other words, they don’t "get it."

If you want your clients to view your firm like the local Manchester United blokes view their team, they need to see you as the bridge between complexity and confusion and true financial literacy. But there is a lot of work to be done. A recent study found that only 15% of affluent Americans feel knowledgeable about financial products[1].

So what can you do? Emphasizing well-timed, relevant financial education can help clients better understand the value you add, and in turn, create stronger advisor-client relationships.

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Let Client Profiling Supercharge Your Advisory Practice

There are dozens of ways for advisors to segment their clients: age brackets, earning history and potential, AUM, professional affinity. Financial advisors currently capture these data points, but often don’t use them to accelerate client value and scale their practice. In fact, client profiling may be the most underutilized tool in an advisor’s toolbox!

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Debunking the Three Most Common Myths of Financial Planning

Financial advisors today do more work than ever for their clients, leaving little appetite for time-intensive services that clients may not want and provide limited value to the advisor’s practice. Unfortunately, holistic financial planning often falls victim to these three well-traveled myths.  

In today’s article, we’ll refute each of these and demonstrate how financial planning adds value to both advisors and their clients.

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