Optimizing your financial planning onboarding process

Optimizing your financial planning onboarding process

Expert-level financial planning that is intuitive and not a laborious or onerous task. This is core to what Advizr began with and focuses on when we look at the independent channel of the advisory space. Now, as demand from enterprises and institutions for our system grows, we began to ask the underlying reason for this demand. The recurring theme we uncovered is this key core concept: our discovery and profile process.

While this may lead to questions around why collecting information into a system could be of such high demand, we came to the following hypothesis: All advisory platforms are ultimately driven by information; without this, they are useless. This simple axiom has ruined some of the more impressive advisory platforms on the market in the past.

As the great general Bonaparte said of his unbroken record on the battlefield, “an army marches on its stomach”, and the reference parlays directly, in that it quite literally does not matter if a company has built the best system ever devised, for if it goes unused, it will die on the vine. As a company built by ex-financial advisors, we always knew the import of streamlining and automating the client onboarding process, and as such, always kept top of mind the notion that our UI/UX had to be pristine, from start to finish, and yet somehow able to capture 100% of possible end-client situations.

This is a difficult technical and aesthetic task to juggle: creating a unique experience that is dynamic without sacrificing the end-client and advisor experience. However, returning to our genesis of Advizr as a company, our team is uniquely ready to meet these challenges. It is this collection of resources and skill sets that our institutional and enterprise clients identify as what drives them, their management teams, practicing advisors, and field agents to the Advizr system.

The Advizr discovery and profiling process is the most flexible, automated, holistic, and engaging information gathering process on the market today. It can be:

  • sent out as an advisory prospecting tool (to gather certain key pieces of information, or ascertain the seriousness of a prospect, ahead of a sales call)
  • sent out as a link to a household for completion ahead of a first advisory meeting (to save the advisor multiple hours and days of trying to insure he has all required information)
  • setup as a live in-office whiteboard engagement (to provide a single flow of data gathering for both advisor and client while in the discovery meeting).

Armed with her client’s goals, cashflows, custodied and held-away accounts, assets, debts, income streams, equity option portfolios, trust and estate inventory, taxation, risk tolerance, protection structure, and expenditure down to the dollar, the advisor has a financial plan contemplative of all the above, and can immediately begin the process of financial planning. In other words, whatever the situation is, the advisor/institution will have everything they need and can proceed with doing business as intended; efficiently, collaboratively, accurately, and profitably.