How to Run a Workplace Financial Checkup

How to Run a Workplace Financial Checkup

Whether you’re a benefits professional or an advisor, knowing the financial wellbeing of your population is crucial. But where do you begin? Here’s what you need to know:

For 71% of employees, finances are more stressful than anything else.

This might sound dramatic. But student loan debt, medical bills, and a shortage of financial literacy education have all combined to create a bleak picture. One study found that a majority of Americans can’t cover an unexpected $500 expense.

That’s not good for anyone, particularly your company. Stressed-out employees have lower productivity and take more sick days, which costs organizations a pretty penny.

In response, financial wellness programs are gaining traction. These solutions aim to help employees tackle their money worries, so they can feel confident in their financial future.

Before launching a financial wellness program, however, you must understand the specific issues your employees care about.

Enter…The Financial Checkup!

Our intuitive assessment provides a quick snapshot of your population’s financial wellbeing, so you can better address the needs of your employees and/or clients.

To get started, fill in the form below. You’ll receive an email from us, along with a one-minute questionnaire to send to all your employees. (For advisors, work with your contact at your plan sponsor to blast out the assessment.)

Responses appear in real time on your WorkPlace dashboard, giving you a comprehensive picture of your population’s needs.

Financial goals by age

You’ll be able to see employees’ top goals broken down by age and demographic, as well as their appetite for financial advice. In addition, you’ll see how many dollars your organization is losing due to fiscal concerns. All this results in your organization’s Financial Wellness Index, a 0-100 score revealing the financial health of your population. Armed with this information, you’ll have a sound foundation to justify investing in a financial wellness program.

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