Introducing Advizr’s Workplace Solution

Introducing Advizr’s Workplace Solution

Advizr is pleased to introduce a new business line, Workplace, a comprehensive financial wellness solution. 

TheWorkplace solution is built on Advizr’s self-directed financial planning technology, educational programs and customizable marketing designed to meet the unique financial needs of various populations. The offering equips financial advisors, record keepers, employers, investment advisers and broker dealers with personalized, targeted financial wellness programs and marketing collateral to drive end-user engagement and behavior change. Our suite of services is research-backed to build the financial confidence and literacy needed to take charge of financial health and achieve personal financial goals.

The Workplace solution is overseen by Maria Behrens, MPH, who brings over seven years of experience in the corporate wellness industry focusing on providing employee populations with the education, tools and resources needed to make better informed decisions to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Most recently, she spent four years managing employee wellness, benefits and personal finance programs for Goldman Sachs.

In a recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch study1, 86% of employees stated they would participate in a financial education program provided by their employer. Another analysis by Alight Solutions2 found that 62% of employees are open to receiving help from their employer through tools for personal finance and retirement planning.

When companies invest in the financial health of their employees with educational tools and resources, both parties win. Employees report improved job satisfaction, increased productivity and a reduction in stress, all of which leads to lower healthcare costs, absenteeism and workforce turnover for the employer. Integrating comprehensive financial planning tools and resources to reinforce positive behaviors is an important way employers can truly invest and address the needs of their population.

Advizr’s ability to fully integrate with existing benefits platforms to deliver high-touch, client-centered services – from the development and implementation stages through the evaluation stage – makes it the gold standard for financial wellbeing programs. Our team of skilled engineers, financial professionals, marketers and programming experts makes client onboarding and program implementation seamless.

“Advizr started as a financial planning platform for financial advisors and their traditional wealth management clients. Today, we’ve identified the substantial application of our financial wellness program in the workplace for employees, as well as for financial advisors and the participants they serve. We have strategically partnered with some of the largest record keepers in the business who service Fortune 500 companies, as well as financial advisors who are looking to serve smaller employers. Our Workplace solution is the missing component in corporate benefits and a key driver in engagement for FAs. It is very exciting to have arrived in this space and offer our clients, present and future, a holistic financial wellness solution.” 

– Hussain Zaidi, CEO, Advizr Inc.

For more information on Advizr’s Workplace Financial Wellness Solution, reach out to Maria Behrens, MPH or call (844) 223-8497.

About Advizr

Advizr, based in New York, NY is dedicated to creating financial planning programs and technology that will expand consumer and advisor access to high-quality financial planning, as well as drive advisor profitability. The powerful, automated, interactive financial planning solution empowers consumers to take control of their financial wellness and allows advisors to identify new opportunities and grow their practice. To learn more about Advizr, please visit

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