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A Review of Social Security Strategies in Advizr

Thanks to the complexity of US tax code and the nuances of various Social Security (SS) benefits, volumes have been written about how to “maximize” Social Security benefits. There are numerous variables that could impact decisions around when and how to take benefits, such as spousal benefits, life expectancy, retirement age from a full-time job, delaying or accelerating the start of benefits from full retirement age, and even the full Social Security retirement age itself, which currently changes depending on year of birth and could change even more in the future to preserve payouts from the system.

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How to Plan for Clients Overspending or with Unrealistic Financial Goals

The nature of a cash flow-based approach to financial planning, even if it is centered around the client’s goals, means that any platform assisting in the creation of such a plan should account for a few realities that clients often face, such as what to do about current overspending in a budget or unrealistic goals based on the ability to save towards those goals. In each of these cases, the client ends up with one or more time periods in which they have negative net cash flow. You as the advisor need to decide what to do about the negative cash flow, and at Advizr, we’ve recently given you another tool to help with this decision making process: a simulated loan that can illustrate what it might mean to debt finance the negative cash flow. How is this tool best used? Let’s look at a few examples.

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Cash flow based or goal based? Where do we go from here?

The financial services industry is infamous for the amount of jargon, lingo, and technical terms that we regularly throw at consumers: Monte Carlo vs. straight-line returns; acronyms like IRA, RIA, and IAR; suitability vs. fiduciary standards; cash flow-based vs. goal-based planning software. In our previous blog post, we tackled the history of the terms “cash flow-based” and “goal-based,” including their original meanings in the industry. In this post, I’d like to review more recent interpretations of these terms, along with introducing terms we think are more accurate to describe today’s financial planning software design philosophies.

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Incorporating annuities into retirement plans

Annuities can be an important tool in a financial advisor’s toolbox for successful retirement planning (as well as other less common uses). We often work with advisors who may not have recommended an annuity their client comes to them with, but who need to see how it fits into the client’s overall strategy before determining what, if anything, to do with it. Other advisors who work primarily with retirees recommend annuities because of their incredible value for providing a “floor” of income, not to mention the guarantees that a client can buy along with them.

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Retirement Distribution Strategies

As financial advisors, the biggest concern for our clients is usually planning for how to cover retirement expenses, and in doing this retirement planning, one of the top considerations is the hierarchy of accounts liquidated in order to cover expenses. To better meet the needs of advisors who are analyzing retirement distribution scenarios, Advizr recently added a feature in the Recommendations section of the Financial Plan called “Distributions”, which can be found in the What If's area of the Retirement goal.

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