What’s coming in Q2 (and Q1 updates review)

What’s coming in Q2 (and Q1 updates review)

Advizr was super productive and busy during the first quarter of the year. We released new features and expanded our team to serve you better. As you may know, we launched a slew of capabilities in the last few months:

  • Enhanced Social Security Optimization and Maximization
  • Disability and Long Term Care Insurance modules
  • One-click Expense Estimation for budgeting
  • Variable, Fixed and Indexed Annuities modeling
  • Income Distribution Strategies

We know we set a high bar for ourselves with these releases and we are gearing up for another amazing quarter. In the same way that we always do, we prioritize features based on your feedback. In Q2, we will be releasing the following features:

  • Stock Options & RSUs – Just released! Advizr has the ability to capture and model equity compensation for your clients inclusive of ISOs, NQSOs, and RSUs

Advanced Real Estate Modeling – Collaborate live with a client on every aspect of planning for home ownership

Customizable Reporting – Drag and drop ability of different reports to tailor them to you and your clients’ needs

Projected Balance Sheet – Instant view of current household net worth displayed over lifetime, inclusive of asset performance, liability fluctuations, and separable by ownership structure (individual, joint, trust, etc.)

above, we’re still deciding what additional features to prioritize and release this quarter. Here’s what we are currently reviewing:

  • Estate planning
  • Side-by-side comparisons of multiple plans
  • Budgeting
  • Position-level reporting

We would love to hear from you. Let us know which one(s) of these features are more important for your practice. If you want to learn more about our new features as we roll them out just join our bi-weekly Friday calls where we go through each in detail. Be on the look in our weekly newsletter for more details or subscribe to our blog. Thanks!

– The Advizr Team