Independent Financial Partners Selects Advizr WorkPlace as Financial Wellness Provider

Independent Financial Partners Selects Advizr WorkPlace as Financial Wellness Provider

New York, NY, Nov. 5, 2018 – Independent Financial Partners (IFP), a multi-custodial RIA with ~500 advisors nationwide, specializing in wealth management and retirement plan consulting, has announced that it will partner with New York-based financial wellness technology company, Advizr, Inc., to provide its advisors with access to the robust financial wellness solution, Advizr WorkPlace.

The partnership will provide IFP’s advisors access to a full suite of services designed to enhance the financial wellbeing of 401(k) plan participants. Advisors and their plan sponsors will have access to award-winning financial planning technology and a hub of deployable assets, including a financial wellness assessment to identify top priorities, an education resource center and personal finance campaigns to drive user engagement.

Divisional President of IFP Plan Advisors, Jeff Acheson stated, “Advizr WorkPlace is equipping our advisors with the technology and resources to address a growing need we’re seeing from our plan sponsors and plan participants at an accessible cost. We’re excited to provide our users a leading-edge financial planning platform, education to increase financial confidence and literacy, and high-touch support for optimal financial guidance. Add Advizr to the long list of highly advanced technologies we’re curating for our broker-dealer launch.”

According to Alight Solutions’ Financial Mindset® Study highlights, over 60% of employees would like assistance from their employer to provide access to investment advisors, online tools for personal financial wellbeing, and access to retirement planning. Hussain Zaidi, Co-Founder and CEO of Advizr Inc., added, “We believe we’re ahead of the curve in integrating comprehensive financial planning with a full financial wellbeing offering. We are pleased to have found a partner in IFP that is also dedicated to empowering advisors with the tools necessary for addressing this pressing need among plan participants, while also delivering immense value to the plan sponsors.”

Advizr has made great strides in its debut year in the financial wellness space. Advizr WorkPlace launched little more than a year ago following the company’s partnership with Alight Solutions, a leader in technology-enabled health, wealth and human capital management solutions. Its integrated financial planning experience is available to Alight’s Fortune 500 clients. And just last month, Advizr won the top spot in the 401(k) Technology category at the 2018 Industry Awards.