Get ready for the real acceleration of advisory and client engagement

Get ready for the real acceleration of advisory and client engagement

As a result of the lineup of enterprise and institutional clients Advizr brought on board and partnered with over the past year, we became imminently aware of the constraints, pain points, and gaps facing the corporate side of the wealth management industry. It is with these in mind that Advizr will be introducing a new feature set.

The most common pain point focuses on the ever-present issue of adoption, whether by the institutional sales force, or the end client or plan participant base. Just as problematic are these points:

  • How to properly segment a firm’s client base?
  • How to address the different planning and advisory needs of the mass affluent or the low-to-mid net worth while still offering capacity for high-net-worth?
  • For advisors, firms and institutions serving the 401k market, how to possibly address such a large and disparate group of individuals and still try to offer individual attention and action?

Until now, no financial planning tool masters all three aspects of what we know are critical for a true solution. Those include an unrivaled ease-of-use and efficiency, an advanced and highly versatile advisory software and the capacity to execute on recommendations. This solution must be able to be live, collaborative, and instant.

Every firm and corporation knows the pain points- fee compression, rule acceleration, compliance outgrowth, time dilution, and competitive advantage loss. What no firm quite knows is how to solve for all of these.

Advizr’s relentless focus on always being a solution, rather than a software, placed us at the crest of the wave of this next generation of advisory systems. Why? Our genesis and ongoing core value proposition remains steadfast- namely, the nexus of ease-of-use, efficiency, collaboration and automation with an institutional-grade cashflow architecture underneath the hood.

We are excited to introduce you to the real acceleration of advisory and client engagement. Hussain Zaidi, Advizr’s CEO will unveil our newest and most advanced functionalities yet at the T3 Enterprise Conference.

Join Advizr at T3, Tuesday October 31st at 8:00am, at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, directly after Joel Bruckenstein’s opening remarks.