Building the Optimal Tech Stack

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The single most important concept underpinning an advisor’s tech-stack today is interconnectedness. We know this both from a data science standpoint and from a constant stream of anecdotal reporting. Without this easily spoken and hard to create capacity, the advisor and their firm can have a stable of state-of-the-art components from the best technology vendors and fin-tech companies on the market, and none of it will matter to them or their clients if it does not communicate within their tech stack.

An oft cited refrain is inevitably a variant of the following: my client entered some data in a PDF that my assistant fed into our financial planning software but, as that does not feed to our CRM, the data had to be entered again there, and then when the client called with updated data it did not feed back into my planning software which meant that our performance reporting software was reporting stale data into the client’s presentation….Read More

Advizr Expands Executive Talent

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May 11, 2017. New York, NY.  Advizr, an innovative financial planning technology platform announced today the addition of veteran financial planning executive talent to the firm.

Joining Advizr as President, Chief Revenue Officer is Chad Blythe, former Head of Sales at Money Guide Pro. Blythe brings over a decade of experience in financial planning software to Advizr and will be responsible for driving Advizr’s growth strategy.

Also joining the firm is Rachel Sanborn, the new Director of Financial Planning at Advizr, formerly Head of UAT and SME at Learnvest. Sanborn brings 10 years experience as a practicing financial advisor and is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Financial Planning from Bentley University.Read More

Incorporating annuities into retirement plans

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Unlocking annuities for financial and retirement plans

Annuities can be an important tool in a financial advisor’s toolbox for successful retirement planning (as well as other less common uses). We often work with advisors who may not have recommended an annuity their client comes to them with, but who need to see how it fits into the client’s overall strategy before determining what, if anything, to do with it. Other advisors who work primarily with retirees recommend annuities because of their incredible value for providing a “floor” of income, not to mention the guarantees that a client can buy along with them.Read More

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