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Fiduciary Trust Strengthens Offering with Digital Financial Planning Advice Powered by Advizr

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 NEW YORK, July 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiduciary Trust Company International, a global wealth manager and wholly-owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton Investments, today announced a collaboration with Advizr, a leading provider of next-generation profiling, advisory, and financial planning solutions.

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6 Ways To Present More Impactful Financial Plans

Financial advisors have the tall task of tailoring financial plan presentation to a diverse client base with wide-ranging needs. However, by adhering to the following field-tested practices shared by fellow advisors, presentations can be far more impactful across the board.

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The Marriage of Education & Financial Planning

In recent years, organizations have increasingly found that providing access to employee wellness programs results in a more balanced and productive workforce. But wellness means more than just gym memberships and nutritional guidance. With stress around financial management and planning on the rise, a holistic approach to employee wellbeing should include access to comprehensive financial education and planning.

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Understanding the Importance of Financial Wellness

The idea of focusing on employee health and wellbeing took off simply because it was the right thing to do. Companies that invested in the health of their people became the unexpected beneficiaries of a happier, more productive workforce. As wellness advocates advanced these ideas, they noticed that financial stress was a leading indicator of negative health outcomes. It is now accepted wisdom that any holistic wellness program must also address the financial needs of a population, marrying the concepts of “health” and “wealth.”

If acceptance and understanding was the first hurdle, the challenge facing wellness professionals now is to develop employee reward and benefit offerings that encompass both needs. Current programs provide wide-ranging access to services that enhance physical, mental, emotional, social and environmental wellbeing, while ignoring the tools, resources and education needed to optimize financial wellbeing.

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Introducing Advizr’s Workplace Solution


Advizr is pleased to introduce a new business line, Workplace, a comprehensive financial wellness solution. 

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