Our Story & Our Mission

Every good story starts with an intractable problem and a few people crazy enough to tackle it. Our problem centered around how the overwhelming majority of Americans receive little or no guidance on their personal finances. The result is legions of confused and financially stressed out people hoping for a solution that makes things simpler to identify and track their goals.

But how can finances be simple? Well, if there was a better, scalable and more accessible way to get people on track to meet their goals, that would accomplish half of the battle. When people are given an easy to read map with bold signs and clear directions, the path to financial confidence and security becomes attainable.

Our Mission is to ensure that all people have access to a financial plan. ~ Hussain Zaidi

With this in mind, our team went to work to figure out how to light this path so everyone, regardless of net worth, could create a financial plan.  They experimented, tinkered, tweaked and tested until finally emerging with the cleanest personal finance system powered by a comprehensive, intuitive, actionable financial planning engine.  And that was step one…seriously!

Then, we had to figure out how to get our system into the hands of the people it was built to serve. With 120 million adults in the US, many of whom with families they’re financially responsible for, it made sense to start there.  So that’s what we did. We’ve brought the notion of managing a lifetime of personal finance priorities into one application, making it simple to effectively manage short and long-term goals…Welcome to WorkPlace.

Company Milestones

Key Dates in Advizr’s History


Advizr opens it’s door in the heart of New York City..


Advizr financial planning program comes out of development and is launched to the public.


SS&C Advent Black Diamond signs partnership for Advizr to provide simple, elegant solutions for planning.


Our partners who have supported us through capital and expertise.


Our Leadership

Hussain Zaidi

Co-Founder & CEO

Mustapha Baassiri

Co-Founder & COO

Ryan Anderson

Chief Product Officer

Chris Mossa


Jeff Monson

Head of DevOps

Samer Barada

Head of Engineering

Maria Behrens

Head of Financial Wellness and Community

Board Members

Alex Acree

Fenway Summer

Aron Miodownik

Cambrain Associates

John Dowd

Fiduciary Trust

Emily Reitan


Matt Perleman

IA Capital Group

Todd Lee

Western & Southern

Wayne Withrow


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